Rob Pincus

Understanding the Need for High Capacity Magazines

Rob Pincus
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Duration:   5  mins

Math lesson! How much ammunition do you need for personal or home defense? It’s a hot topic today. Rob Pincus has the stats at hand and runs the numbers to illustrate that the logical need for high capacity magazines is a reality and is something we should be prepared for.

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10 Responses to “Understanding the Need for High Capacity Magazines”

  1. MIKE D

    Unfortunately, I live in California, where 10 rounds is the max. My way around it? At this time, the Mag Magnet is perfectly legal to get around the ridiculous 'bullet button requirement'here in liberal Cali. But IF you are living in Cali., please be aware that the Mag Magnet CANNOT be placed on top of the bullet button UNTIL it is needed to be used OR it is considered a Federal offense(deemed an assault rifle!). Thus, I put the magnet on top of the barrel until needed(IF needed God forbid). And trust me, that magnet holds on strong, even with my .308 rifle! My other way around this? I have multiple guns fully loaded in my bedroom(my safe haven room) with multiple mags near them, which is perfectly legal. Once I leave my home, these guns are safely locked up in a gun safe(which is upstairs and weighs over 400lbs. Any thieves had best be top level power lifters. :P Anyways, something to think about if you live in a gun-restrictive state such as mine(And I can retire in 4 yrs. and yes, I WILL be moving to a gun-friendly state soon after!)

  2. mwp2634

    Remember what happened after Hurricane Katrina? The riots after Rodney King's assailants were acquitted? Yeah, those AK and AR rifles that people used to defend themselves came in really handy then and they will again...

  3. dsinchrg

    Lets remember what the 2nd amendment was written for. This the true point politicians want to ignore....not personal defense. Though it is a great and wonderful attribute that comes with the 2nd amendment but not its true intent.... I don't think I have to go into detail of the 2nd amendments true intention most of you know it, but we get side tracked by these topics and others. To a certain extent I believe these issues are also intended to created division among fire arm enthusiast, shooters and instructors. There should be NO limitations to the amount of ammo one feels is necessary. Home land security doesn't see a need to limit themselves why should we ? The IRS feels the need to carry, I still dont get that one ? a tax collector needs a gun ? Thats what the police, FBI, DOJ are for

  4. whmitty

    Mr. Pincus speaks rationally and logically however liberal state legislators have a demonstrated low capacity when it comes to logic.

  5. Wayne Pless

    Good explanation, Rob. So simple, a liberal could understand it. Wait, did I just type that? My bad.

  6. cjm

    i say carry as much ammo as you care to.

  7. Despereaux

    Very well done!! Thanks for your very logical approach,

  8. OngoingFreedom

    Nicely argued.

  9. MuzzleHead Wayne

    You're making too much sense Mr. Pincus. We'll have none of that in this county! Seriously would you please go in front of the Congress and explain this. But don't mention the "one is too many" they will quote you and run that video clip over and over. Great ideas as always.

  10. Kevin Wright

    Very well done and timely in the political climate we find ourselves in.

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