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Rob Pincus
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Vertx makes tactical clothing, outerwear, bags, packs, and other accessories. Rob Pincus discusses why Vertx clothing and bags have become must-have gear for him.


Vertx came on the scene specifically to fill the gap between functional clothing for armed professionals and range clothing. At the time, a lot of companies were essentially making uniform clothing for off-duty. When a federal agency requested a functional and versatile tactical pant that was also low-profile, Vertx was off and running.

Rob shows a couple of Vertx shirts—and is wearing one—that do not appear overtly tactical, yet have features designed specifically for off-duty armed professionals, concealed carry holders, and anyone headed to the range for a day of shooting.


Vertx shirts include an especially useful feature. The WeaponGuard™ liner protects the skin from abrasion caused by concealed firearms or other gear along the waistband, while being totally low-profile.


Vertx also makes several types of bags and packs, including the tactical sling bag that Rob’s been traveling with all year. And in fact, several instructors on the PDN Training Tour 2022 carried a Vertx tactical sling bag and all gave great feedback on its features, comfort, durability, and versatility.

It’s somewhat of a minimalist bag, with only three outside pockets. It can be used to carry a firearm, though Rob utilizes on-body carry. He does, however, keep a body armor panel in the largest pocket. Vertx and Premier Body Armor work closely together to ensure Premier has a body armor panel to fit every bag Vertx makes.


Whether you’re looking for “everyday” looking tactical shirts, pants, and outerwear for days off and/or range days, or a tactical sling bag, range bag, concealed carry bag, gloves, socks, hats, and much more, check out Vertx’s offerings.

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