Rob Pincus

Active Shooter Protocol

Rob Pincus
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Duration:   2  mins

Active Shooter Protocol definition and explanation including example situations and how to protect yourself and others with a rifle.

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2 Responses to “Active Shooter Protocol”

  1. JEFF

    "...definition and explanation including example situations ..." Sorry, but I did not hear or see any example situations. Maybe it occurred when I yawned. Not a recommended video - no value - waste of time.


    If you are NOT inside an active shooter situation, then deciding to GO IN to the situation with a rifle (as a civilian) is the WORST decision you can make. Should you do this, you run the very real risk of having one or more of the following occur: 1. Getting yourself killed when another first responder (law enforcement officer) mistakes you for the BAD guy. 2. Shooting the wrong 'BAD' guy when YOU mistake the off-duty, plain-clothes law enforcement officer for the 'BAD' guy. 3. Getting shot by another 'GOOD' guy who is already INSIDE the active shooter event and is defending him or herself, but does not know you are a 'GOOD' guy. 4. Delaying the REAL law enforcement response by having your presence communicated by civilians INSIDE of the active shooter situation, who are on the phone with 911 and are communicating with a dispatcher, but do not know you are a 'GOOD' guy and responding officers mistakenly think there are more active shooters than there actually are, choose to focus on YOU and NOT the real 'BAD' guy(s). Personal Defense network should not encourage everyday folks to think they can train to ENTER an active shooter situation with a long gun, and this type of training is 100% irresponsible.

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