Rob Pincus

Aftermath of Defensive Gun Use: Recruiting a Helper

Rob Pincus
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Duration:   7  mins

In the immediate aftermath of a defensive gun use, many urgent and critical things need to be addressed. We discuss these in other videos in specific contexts, such as active shooter response, home defense tactics, armed defense in public, law enforcement response, medical or communication issues, and more.

Considering the scope of things that may need to be taken care of, keep in mind that you may not be the only one who can take care of them.


In the immediate aftermath of a defensive gun use, we assess the environment. Part of this process should be looking for a helper. What are the tasks we may need to ask that person to do?


If someone nearby has medical equipment and/or training, they can render aid to the injured. Or if you need to keep your gun on the threat, someone can take your med kit and help .


A helper can tell others, such as responding law enforcement, that you are the good guy. A helper can also call 911, or look for eyewitnesses and get their contact info.


After a defensive gun use, more eyes looking for additional threats is better than just your eyes, especially if you are still focused on the primary threat. You can plant a helper directly behind you, ask them to grab your belt, hang on and tell you if the police are coming or if they see any other threats in the area, and have them tell bystanders to stay back and not crowd you.


PDN offers feature-length content on the general subject of the Immediate Aftermath of a Shooting, available as a download or DVD. We also have numerous videos on specific aspects of it, including an extended free video What To Do After a Shooting: The First Five Minutes, which is focused on law enforcement response and legal issues related to defensive gun use.

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