Backpack Body Armor

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Duration: 2:52

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Having a ballistic panel in a backpack or other bag you can pick up quickly is much more convenient than wearing body armor all the time. Rob Pincus has a Level IIIA panel from Premier Body Armor that fits perfectly into a backpack.


Civilian ownership of body armor is under fire in some places, so make sure it is legal for you to own before purchasing. In other places you have to jump through a lot of hoops to be able to have body armor even in your own home. Naturally at PDN we believe that outlawing body armor is an infringement of our natural right to protect ourselves against a threat, in this case a ballistic threat.


If you’re facing a threat, for example barricaded in your home with your family behind you in a home-defense scenario or backed into a corner in a public space, you would put the backpack on the front of your body. This is the same way you would do it with a plate carrier, military armor, or SWAT configuration.

Rob has a backpack that is not made specifically for personal defense, but backpack armor doesn’t require that. His backpack has a section that may be meant for a laptop or other large but thin item, and it holds the ballistic panel very well.


This is the third type of ballistic panel Rob has been carrying in this backpack over the past couple of years. He has traveled regularly with it and has had no problems going through airport security or boarding commercial flights.

If you have considered adding body armor to your self-defense tools and accessories, backpack armor, or body armor kept in any bag that you can access easily and is with you most of the time, is much more convenient than wearing body armor.

Ballistic panels are very affordable, common, and you might be surprised how many people are wearing or carrying body armor around you every day.