Balance of Speed & Precision Target and Drill

Duration: 5:22

The Balance of Speed & Precision Target is designed specifically to improve your defensive shooting. In this video, we take a closer look at the target and at the Balance of Speed & Precision Drill to see how they can help you become a better defensive shooter.


Rob Pincus created this target because he didn’t like paper targets that have just one target area. They aren’t versatile and, with just one area to aim at, they get shot up pretty quickly during handgun training courses and have to be replaced. The BOS&P Target gives you a lot to do, and you can put a lot of rounds into it.

It has three high-center-chest-size target areas and seven head-shot-size target areas, one of which is a triangle representing the line across the eyes. The other six are small circles, with the top of the circle representing the bridge of the nose.

The Balance of Speed & Precision Target is sold by Action Target under the name Combat Focus Training Target and is reasonably priced, especially in bulk and when you consider how long you can shoot on it because of its numerous target areas.

On the BOS&P Target, all hits inside the target areas are considered equal when doing the BOS&P Drill. There are no extra points for a tight group in the center of the chest target. If you want to shoot a higher level of precision, shoot at the smaller circular targets. In Rob’s courses, he does some handgun shooting drills where students shoot at just the numbered targets or just the A and B targets.


The standard Balance of Speed & Precision Drill involves alternately shooting the chest-size targets and the head-size targets based on commands from a training partner or instructor. Through the drill, shooters change their Balance of Speed & Precision based on what the shot being taken needs.

Rob demonstrates the drill and explains how the drill lets you determine your appropriate Balance of Speed & Precision.

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One Response to “Balance of Speed & Precision Target and Drill”
  1. Philip

    With my target stands, and from the looks of yours too, slight misses on the circled numbers will demolish the uprights in no time. The target designers should have drawn those circles closer to the center. No thanks.