Carrying a Handgun Without a Belt

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For handgun carry when you’re just going about your daily life, most people are not kitted out the same way they are when taking a defensive firearms course or when practicing those skills. Sweat pants and a t-shirt are more likely to be your clothes of choice for running errands or doing chores around the house and yard. You’re probably not going to be wearing a gun belt with this type of clothing. But shouldn’t you always wear a gun belt if you’re carrying a gun?


Myth Busting

The idea of always wearing a gun belt as part of your handgun carry is another old cliche that is nevertheless usually good advice. This became the way to carry in the days when people wore pure leather holsters and carried heavy full-size handguns. But today there are better synthetic materials for holsters and people are carrying many different models of lightweight defensive handguns. Wearing a gun belt is no longer your only choice.

Modern Options

CrossBreed Holsters makes bellybands that hold the gun securely against the wearer’s body. A bellyband is a good choice when wearing sweatpants or other loose, unstructured pants.

If you don’t like bellybands, some holsters can be modified to be worn without a belt. By replacing the standard clip with an Ulti Clip, the CrossBreed AIWB (Appendix Inside the Waistband) Holster can be worn without a belt. The Ulti Clip was specifically designed to be attached when the user is not wearing a belt. This is a good choice for jeans, cargo pants, and other pants that fit snugly and will hold the gun against your body.

Even if you usually wear a belt for handgun carry, investigate these alternatives for times when you can’t or don’t choose to wear a belt but still need to be armed.

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9 Responses to “Carrying a Handgun Without a Belt”

  1. Leonard

    would the belly band be better for every day wear with tuckable in NPE. Clips on belt are a give away. Any other tuckable options?

    • Customer Service

      Hi Leonard.
      The Belly Band is a great option when needing to wear a shirt tucked. It is the option used by many of our contributors while at events where a more formal attire is required. Another option is using a tuckable holster with Ulticlips in place of the over the belt style clips. The Ulticlip (original), +3, and Slim models allow the holster to be clipped to the fabric of the pants with the belt covering them. More information about the Ulticlip can be found here.

  2. Steven Anderson

    What was the name of the first holster he mentioned? The nylon one , not the leather. I’m interested? Where do you get one?

  3. Don

    I couldn’t get the volume high enough to clearly hear the name – or maybe it was the type? – of the clip that Rob showed, or where to get it (and maybe the cost, too?!). Any help, please?

  4. John

    Good discussion. I frequently wear suspenders instead of a tourniquet around my waist (belt). This is the solution for which I have been searching.

  5. Gordon Gaines

    Most people I see where I live are dressed properly when they leave the house.Very few people go out of the house in sweat pants even during the winter months. They might not have a belt on, but they at least have jeans on.

  6. Mary

    Black jacket, black pants, black belt, black gun, black background. What am I suppose to see? BLACK.
    I missed much of the demonstration.

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