Rob Pincus

CrossBreed Belly Band Holsters

Rob Pincus
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Duration:   4  mins

Rob Pincus shares the details of the second generation Crossbreed Belly Band Holster. This holster combines Kydex, leather and a comfortable elastic band to create a secure and easily concealable way to carry a defensive firearm without the need for a belt or exposing any clips or straps.

This evolved Belly Band is a more secure version of the original CrossBreed Belly Band which Pincus helped design. The new Modular Belly Band retains the flexibility or the first design while enhancing the security of the attachment of the holster to the supporting band so that heavier defensive firearms, including full size double stack pistols, can be worn under your everyday clothing.

The Modular Belly Band can be worn under shorts, sweats, yoga pants, suits and other clothing that would not normally support the carrying of a firearm in a traditional holster, as well as typical clothing such as jeans or cargo pants. Holster modules are available for a variety of brands, models and sizes of firearms through Crossbreed’s website.

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2 Responses to “CrossBreed Belly Band Holsters”


    I see that there is a secondary holster option when ordering a CrossBreed Belly Band. However I do not see if this is so you can carry two firearms in the band at once. Perhaps strong side main and a backup cross draw. Or is the secondary holster so you can switch out which gun you are carrying.

  2. Paul

    I'm about 25-30lb too heavy for that, maybe call it the no-belly band ;)

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