Rob Pincus

Deciding When to Shoot

Rob Pincus
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Duration:   2  mins

Many people in the defensive shooting industry discuss when you “can” legally use your firearm for self-defense. While understanding the legal issues of the use of force is a fundamental responsibility for anyone who carries or stages a firearm for defensive use, Rob Pincus believes that there is an equally important need to understand not just when you “could” use force legally, but more specifically when you “should” use force. Specifically, a defensive firearm should only be used when you absolutely believe that you “need” to defend yourself of someone else. In this video, Rob discusses the importance of thinking about when you would use your firearm before you find yourself in an actual defensive incident.

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8 Responses to “Deciding When to Shoot”

  1. Kort Hutchison

    Good subject matter. Clearly explained. Thank You.

  2. Richard

    Thought provoking and a good refresher. Theoretical training, education, and real experiences vary, and its important to edit out the 'war stories' of bad advise. It is not a good experience to be in circumstances of having to actually defend with deadly force, even if justified. Besides the legal system aftermath of criminal and civil jeopardy, ever after one will be always looking over the shoulder on high alert, even to the point of a life changing long distance relocation.

  3. Rod156

    For people that don't have a military or police background, they still have the oppurtunity to develop the confidence and experience not only with a weapon, but with situational awareness. Talking through potential scenarios with professionals like those at PDN, everyday people that just want to live their lives in safety can feeling safer and being more aware of their rights and applicable laws will not second guess themselves when seconds count in a violent situation.

  4. JRomulus

    No, he meant "where's the beef" in the little video clip. I wondered how they would handle anything substantive in a 2:39 video; and of course you can't. It's not enough time. I am surprised that there isn't a link to a premium video that covers the subject in depth, however.

  5. micko77

    The goal is NOT to justifiably shoot someone, if that's "the beef".  The goal is knowing WHEN you have no other viable option, and how to proceed when that occurs.

  6. Bill Hoppe

    This is certainly what we teach as instructors. Avoid conflict and only shoot if in fear of death or great bodily harm. You will probably be sued in civil court even if you were justified.

  7. 2starider

    I think that will depend largely on what city/state you are in when that happens. You may have to decide if it's better to become a victim of the crimminal or the state.

  8. Justicewaits

    a bunch of theoretical talk - where's the beef?

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