EOTech Integrated Fore-end Light 250

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Duration:   1:50   mins

Rob Pincus discusses the Integrated Fore-end LED light with EOTech’s Amy Miller at the NRA’s 2013 Annual Meetings and Exhibits.

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2 Responses to “EOTech Integrated Fore-end Light 250”

  1. davecarlson68

    I have one of these EOTech IFLs installed on my defensive Remington 870. On mine, the light is not that bright, but more than adequate for interior spaces–my primary concern. Mine has an on/off switch right by the thumb. The settings are momentary on/off, sustained on, and a strobe light feature (which is unnecessary in my case). There is a finger stop a bit like the Remington Modular shotguns, so it would be a great fit with a SBS set up on an 870. It can “bite” during sustained firing, but that is a trade off that can be worked around with proper technique. Mine has no “dimmer” to speak of, which doesn’t bother me, frankly. I find it a good tool that offers a relatively snag free approach to my defensive shotgun, which is what I was looking for in a weapon-mounted light.

  2. Joseph

    Looking for a home defensive shotgun. Definitely like this one with integrated light.

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