Rob Pincus

Finding a Range for Realistic Practice

Rob Pincus
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Duration:   4  mins

Finding a range that allows realistic practice opportunities isn’t always easy. Rob Pincus discusses finding a quality range with the owner of Ancient City Shooting Range, Chuck Usina. Most ranges have very restrictive fundamental rules in regard to what type of shooting can be done. Look for ranges that already host defensive training or dynamic competitions. If you work with your shooting community, range management and range owners, you an often find that there are more opportunities than you might see at first glance. Many ranges may be open to a special membership or qualification process for more advanced shooters to allow them to train realistically.

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6 Responses to “Finding a Range for Realistic Practice”

  1. Andrew Breaux

    "Qualified shooters "? What is this qualifications the range owner is talking about? What qualification does a person who wants train need?

  2. Mike

    What they're not telling you is that there is a waiting list. If you want to train @ Ancient City, you have to wait years for an opening

  3. Big sexy

    I'm blessed.i can shoot in my back yard

  4. Capt Jack

    I live in the largest concentration of military on the east coast.Many civilian and X military that would love to shoot in a facility other than a small room upstairs of a gun shop that is hot in the summer and even hot in the winter with very little circulation. I think one shop started this sub-par type of range and all the others said to themselves,"we are all full and making $$ so why do anything more"Very little if any Pro-Instruction due to area and indoors small shooting lanes.There is one outdoor excellent range about 40 miles away from most of the population.But you would have to be very wealthy to take a lesson or shoot there.I won't mention the range name but the hint would be (Very Dark Liquid).Out of the question for most amiture shooters.

  5. scottlo

    Great job Rob on an important topic!

  6. thecelt1

    We LOST our shooting range several years ago. I still don't know the reason why? All we have left is an old borrow pit to shoot in. Better than nothing!

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