Home Defense Plan for Immediate Aftermath

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Duration:   4  mins

This is an important time you need to plan for. Just because the attacker is down doesn’t mean the critical incident is over, so don’t let your guard down. Keep your firearm at the ready and your eyes on the threat, continue trying to contact law enforcement, and exit the house with your entire family if possible. In this video, learn a few tips for creating a home defense plan for dealing with the immediate aftermath of an event.

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2 Responses to “Home Defense Plan for Immediate Aftermath”

  1. Paul Soulsby

    What if they do not have a visible weapon/firearm, but are physically superior to you and attempting to hurt you inside your home (and you cannot escape), can you use lethal force to protect yourself?

    • Customer Service

      Hello Paul,

      Thank you for your patience while I asked the expert, here is the reply:

      We cannot provide legal advice, and this answer shouldn’t be taken as such. That said, an unarmed person (who has the ability, opportunity, and intent) can be a lethal threat. However, there are nuances to your presented scenario we don’t know. Questions such as; Did you move to your barricade position? Did you warn the intruder that you are armed and to not attempt to enter your barricaded area? Did you not make it to your barricade but were able to arm? Did the intruder see your defensive tool but continue to close the distance to attack? We could ask many more questions, but if we stick with the principle of reserving lethal force for a deadly threat, that’s the best we can do. Your question also highlights why a course covering the legal aspects of using lethal force is essential.

      Be Safe,


      We greatly appreciate your business!


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