How to Use a Single Point Sling and Two Point Carry Sling

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In a defensive situation, where you are going to a closet, safe or other storage area to get your AR, load it, make it ready, and get into position to defend yourself, you may not be worrying about having to put the rifle down or do other things with your hands. But you can foresee the plausibility of needing another way to keep the rifle attached to you when you’re not able to put your hands on it.

How To Use a Single Point Sling

The way to do that is with a sling or carry strap, the selection of which is very important. All defensive long guns should have a sling or carry strap. The single point sling is probably the best for a home-defense situation, or any environment where you will be moving around different pieces of cover and moving rapidly and keeping the firearm in close to you.

The single point sling allows you to keep the firearm directly in front of your torso and legs and you merely reach down to bring it into action. Set the sling up so that it hangs in an area that you can reach it quickly, get your hand on the controls, and bring it up into a good shooting position.

During rifle training and practice, learn how to use a single point sling so it feels comfortable and natural.


The single point sling also allows you to transition, which is critical in a close-quarters environment where you are moving around tight corners and possibly shooting around cover from both sides of your body.

Two Point Sling

This extended video offers several other tips for how to use a single point sling and also a two point sling or carry strap, and why you may choose one over the other.

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