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Incident Response Plan for a Terrorism Event

Rob Pincus
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A terrorism event is a violent attack in a public space where the attacker is politically motivated. The attacker(s) could have guns, a bomb, or other weapons. What should your incident response plan be for a terrorism event?

Rob Pincus states that if you are in the middle of a public attack, you’re not going to know if it’s terrorism or if the attacker is a random lunatic, and the motivations of the person trying to kill you and everyone else don’t matter at the time the event is happening.

Incident Response Plan

In the aftermath of the event, and now, when making your incident response plan, you may think that whether or not it’s a terrorism event is a factor in how you’re going to prepare, but Rob insists it’s not. Whether it’s a lone psychopath or a squad of jihadists, there’s no difference in your self-defense and family safety and security preparations regarding what you do during the attack. You do the same things in both situations.

Evade, Barricade, Respond

Do all the things covered in the PDN Active Shooter Response DVD: get away if possible. If not, barricade: make it harder for the bad guy to get to you if you are stuck in one place. And respond as appropriate and if necessary. This could be with a firearm or with improvised weapons.

Terror Event Avoidance

But there is one area in which we can have an anti-terrorism plan: controlling where we go, particularly for vacations. Some places are targeted by terrorists more than others, and these places change over time. We can’t be certain where the next terrorist attack will occur. But we can keep up with global politics and read the latest travel advisories issued by the U.S. State Department and avoid areas that are trouble spots.

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  1. wayne

    I would like to see action for the rush attack up to 15 feet to close and engage.

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