Premier Body Armor: Multi-Strike Test

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What’s the best way to test body armor? Shooting several rounds into it, which is exactly what we did. Did any of the rounds penetrate all the way through the ballistic panel in PDN’s test?

Defensive Gear for No-Gun Zones

Many people are interested in what they can do to protect themselves and their loved ones from active shooters and other threats while out in public and especially in no-gun zones. For times when we can’t carry a handgun, we need to expand our definition of self-defense tools to include medical gear worn on the body, and now a soft body armor panel from Premier Body Armor inserted into a backpack, briefcase, or laptop bag is also an option.

Premier Body Armor makes law enforcement body armor but now also sells it to private citizens. Premier calls it a Bulletproof Backpack Panel. It is NIJ tested and rated Level IIIA.

Multi-Strike Test

If you haven’t already watched it, check out our video showing a single shot fired into Premier Body Armor. In this video, we test the efficacy of Premier Body Armor on multiple strikes. What happens when one round of 9mm jacketed ball ammo is fired into the top portion of the ballistic panel and five +P 9mm bonded jacketed hollow-point rounds are fired into the center?

This video includes slow-motion replay of all six rounds impacting the soft body armor. All rounds were fired from 21 feet away, and the ballistic panel was placed inside a padded rifle case to simulate a backpack or laptop case.

The Results

Examining the ballistic panel after all rounds have been fired, there is some deformation of the back of the panel, but no rounds have gone through. To get a better idea of what happened, we cut open the ballistic panel and dig out all six rounds to see how far they penetrated and what condition they are in.

See what happened to each round, though in summary we can say that the Premier Body Armor ballistic panel performed even better than expected and can definitely be considered a useful piece of defensive gear.




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