Recognizing and Engaging Multiple Threats

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Duration:   6  mins

Learn how to recognize and engage multiple threats. A Personal Defense Network original video.

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2 Responses to “Recognizing and Engaging Multiple Threats”

  1. Eric

    Training for multiple targets, I notice after engaging the first target, you instruct to return to high compressed ready break your focus/tunnel vision on the first target looking left and right, then reengaging on second/subsequent targets. In drill or real life of a second target were identified when we returned to the ready and looked in the first direction, left or right, would you 1) engage immediately , or 2) continue with the look to the second direction to make sure you are aware of all extra threats? It seems that it would be best to engage first threat, return to ready, look in whichever direction is first when we break tunnel vision and if identifying another threat, engage before looking in the other direction, but I just want to make sure.

    • Customer Service

      Hi Eric,

      In training we almost always know where the second target is located so to develop the habit of breaking the physical and mental focus we use training discipline to assess the environment. Once we recognize something in our training environment that has changed we snap our attention to the second target and engage appropriately. While training, the something that changed could be in the first direction we look so we would snap our attention to the target and engage. In a real life situation, as soon as a second threat is identified you would engage as appropriate. Check out this other PDN video covering the same topic.


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