Rifle Rail Covers for Cord Management

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On the range with a fully loaded rifle, Rob Pincus discusses accessory cord management. His rifle has a magnified glass scope, a light/laser combo, a suppressor, and an infrared laser/infrared illuminator/visible laser unit from Holosun.

Connecting Accessory Cords

The Holosun has a pressure activation switch as well as all the switches that are on the unit. That switch is connected by a cord. Over the years, through his professional experience as well as his decades of teaching students in rifle training courses, Rob has seen these cords attached to the rifle in many different ways.

Attachment methods Rob has seen include athletic tape, duct tape, zip ties, and wrapping and tucking. Some of these methods work, but some cause unnecessary wear and can lead to the cords either breaking or disconnecting when you need them the most. So accessory cord management is an issue, and tools and accessories exist to help with this.

Manta Defense

Rob’s rifle has rail covers that are designed to assist with cord management. They are made by Manta Defense, which sells a lot of rail covers for cord management, so many that its website has an entire category devoted to wire management.

On some rifle rail covers, the cord is looped and passed through the rail cover. On others, the cord comes through in a single strand, and Manta even makes rifle rail covers that you can slip the smaller pressure switches into and have them underneath the rail cover.

Manta Defense rifle rail covers are low profile, easy to use, and convenient. They protect the cords and ensure that the cords stay connected. Think about how you manage your cords and consider the Manta solution when it comes to any of your rail-mounted accessories on any defensive or patrol rifle.




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