Self Defense Tips: A Recipe for Unarmed Defensive Skills

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Students often ask firearms instructors which martial arts they should learn in order to be prepared to defend themselves. Rob Pincus provides self defense tips and advises students to seek instruction in two areas: striking and grappling. Rob feels the most efficient way to develop close-quarters striking skills is at a Muay Thai school, and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu for grappling. Dedicate a few months to learning the basics and then practice regularly.

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7 Responses to “Self Defense Tips: A Recipe for Unarmed Defensive Skills”

  1. Steven Wasserman, RN, DC

    As an Aikido marital arts instructor last 15 years, with strong back ground in Krav Maga years prior to Aikido, I agree with you overall. Certain arts just take to long to learn and train in as in aikido. Krav, MuayTai, are awesome arts for quick learning and strong self defense that have proven themselves in the streets. But any art if you desire to really learn it is GOOD!…. TY Rob…

  2. epowell

    I am 71 years old and Krav Maga has given me everything that you discussed in your video. Repetition is necessary to learn any self defense system, but Krav is easy to learn and practice.

    • CST

      Hi, Art. If someone is only gong to study only one style of unarmed skills, Krav Maga is a good all around program. That said, a lot of time will need to be invested to own the skills and be able to apply them in a worst case scenario.

  3. Rcaerial

    A very righteous answer; of course I prefer the Marine Corps Close Combat Course; it is a good combination of things. With a little practice one can become very dangerous. Of course depending on the quality of the instructor, it could student that is in danger.
    Semper Fi
    Roku Dan

    • Forrest

      I would suggest if you could not use the MCCCC then studying WW2 close quarter, or a good Krav Maga course would give you not only elements of boxing, Thai boxing, Groundwork. Also I would add learning the principles of Pre-emptive striking is a big help.

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