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TAT3D Mannequin Shooting Targets

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The latest generation of the TAT3D polyurethane mannequin target is here and features several upgrades designed to make defensive shooting practice more realistic and results more accurate. Let’s take a closer look at these innovative 3D shooting targets.


Formerly manufactured in Italy, the TAT3D mannequin target is now made and sold in the United States (though the target is still named Mario). Among other advantages, this means the target is significantly less expensive than previous models, which had to be imported into the U.S. This new model is also easier to use.

The advantage of 3D shooting targets for handgun training and practice is that you have a much more accurate representation of what you might need to be shooting at in a defensive encounter.

You can dress this target, position its arms in different ways, and give it weapons to hold. TAT3D Advanced Target Systems sells a wide variety of weapons and accessories to go with the 3D shooting targets, from pistols to rifles, broken bottles, cell phones, flashlights, and more.


Traditional practice — shooting at pieces of paper — cannot accurately represent what happens in a real-life defensive shooting. But with 3D shooting targets, you get to practice shooting at angles other than straight on. However, that is true only if you are not squared up to the target, in which case it actually is similar to shooting at paper.

Take any angle on the target and everything changes. It’s much more like shooting at a representation of the human body.


Another advantage of the TAT3D target is that the head and body have cavities that can be filled with your choice of material in order to show how/where your rounds are impacting and penetrating to, therefore showing how effective they would be at stopping a threat. True tactical shooting drills are possible with this target.

Although the TAT3D target is very durable, the head and chest pieces are replaceable, so if you really do shoot them up, you can buy new pieces without having to buy a whole new target.