Rob Pincus

Alpha Foxtrot Glock Frame

Rob Pincus
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Duration:   4  mins

Rob Pincus explains the features of the Alpha Foxtrot AF-C Glock 19 Gen 3 compatible aluminum frame. It’s a 7075 T6 forged aluminum frame and is made in the USA. This frame replacement will upgrade your Glock shooting experience with lots of extra features.


Rob likes the ergonomics of the Alpha Foxtrot AF-C. It feels really good in the hand, and because it’s made of aluminum, it has a different feel than the polymer of the original Glock. It has deep grooves on the front and back of the grip, and a textured magazine release that is a bit larger than the standard Glock release.


Some of the AF-C’s features seem geared toward competitive shooting but some are solid aids when using self-defense weapons, for example the full-length rail and ledges along it. From indexing and safety standpoints, the ledge gives you a nice solid place to rest your finger — you’ll know your finger is not anywhere near the trigger when it shouldn’t be.


Rob adds a tricked-out top, with barrel from S3F, Holosun red-dot sight, and POF-USA Gentlemen’s Series slide, then he’s ready to bang some steel. One thing he’s concerned about is the drop free — is the magazine release easy to use and is the new magazine easy to insert? It definitely looks like it.


Another great feature of the AF-C frame is the bite-free beavertail. The beavertail is scooped up and prevents the bottom of the slide rail from hitting your hand. If you’re used to getting the web of your shooting hand high up on a Glock, by using the AF-C frame you can now do so without getting the little cuts on your hand that a standard Glock causes. Shooters will appreciate this feature during long days of handgun training and practice.

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