ASP Dot Microlight

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The Dot Microlight from ASP is a USB rechargeable light that’s 130 lumens and is small, lightweight, and can be carried just about anywhere. It can be attached to a keychain, carried in your pocket, or attached to a piece of gear. The ASP Dot is an extremely useful light.

130 Lumens

In these days of 1000-lumen lights, 130 lumens may not sound too impressive, but the ASP Dot Microlight is practical for everyday carry and use. Plus at about $30 retail, you can buy a few and have one on your keychain, one staged in your car, and one on a medical kit.

Attaching it to a carabiner and then putting that on the outside of a medical kit makes the ASP Dot easy to access and place in a position where it can illuminate the area you are working on when employing the medical kit.

As part of your defensive gear, the Dot’s 130 lumens are sufficient to light a small area such as a room in your home or a confined area during an active-shooter incident in a public space.

Specs from ASP

The Dot is small enough to carry on a keychain, but it’s a high-end, high-performance illumination tool, manufactured in exactly the same way as ASP’s full-sized tactical lights. It’s machined from 6061 T6 aerospace aluminum, finished with beautiful, durable hardcoat anodizing. Inside its precision-knurled barrel are premium components, including a Cree XPG2 LED, gold-plated connectors, and an optical glass lens. Twist bezel clockwise to turn on, counterclockwise to turn off, and further counterclockwise to expose the micro USB charging port and charge status light.

Includes a USB adapter to connect to AC or 12V auto plug, or direct to computer USB port; you can also plug any micro USB phone/electronics charge cord directly into the Dot.

A light should absolutely be part of your everyday carry gear. The ASP Dot is an excellent choice for this.

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