Benchmade SOCP Review and Tips

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Duration: 3:21

The Benchmade SOCP is a defensive dagger-type knife. It can be used in a downward motion if you’re in close quarters. It can also be drawn in a more traditional grip and used as a forward point coming up into a close-quarters attack while in contact, or driving out, or even slashing and cutting.

SOCP as Backup to a Firearm Carried Centerline

The Benchmade SOCP also makes a great backup defensive tool to a firearm. You can transition from the SOCP to a firearm when you have the opportunity without dropping or resheathing the knife. This video shows how to do that, first with a handgun carried centerline (appendix carry) and the knife in a side or back pocket on the strong side. If an attacker grabs you around the middle and prevents you from accessing your handgun, draw the SOCP and affect him from the outside. With this method of knife defense, by stabbing or slashing the attacker in the midsection, arm or underarm, the goals are to make him release his grip and create space between you.

If the attacker still presents a lethal threat, without dropping the Benchmade SOCP, you can transition to the handgun, either in a contact position or driving out into a shooting position, if there is enough distance.

Firearm Carried Strong-Side Hip

If you carry this way, the Benchmade SOCP will most likely be carried on your weak side. If your dominant hand is encumbered, draw the SOCP with your weak hand and affect the bad guy with it, again in order to create space.

The SOCP is available in a training version so you can do these moves without risk of injury during self-defense training and practice. Ingrain these moves so you’ll be ready to deploy the Benchmade SOCP if you need it.

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