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Duration:   7  mins

Most of us fit our gun and carry method to the way we dress, not the other way around. We may not have a lot of room to carry a full-size magazine, so we put it in a pocket. Rob Pincus discusses and demonstrates the issues with carrying spare magazines in pants cargo pockets or jacket pockets. With the magazine in a pocket, reloads take more time because the magazine may be difficult to access, making practice essential.

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  1. Jason

    For the reasons you mentioned. I don’t like using conventional mag carriers. I have found a “Leatherman” tool sheath that fits my 12rd p365 perfect. Just looks like I’ve got a multi-tool.

  2. rick

    There is another product out there that I use. It’s called ExtraCarry. Their website is

    It conceals your spare mag in your pocket. But it looks like you are carrying a knife. It actually locks on your pants pocket, unlike similar products. So, nothing special to do when you pull out your spare magazine. Nothing to snag or magnets that get in the way. Seems just as fast as having my mag on my belt.

    There is a video that show it in action on Youtube.

    They have other versions for 1911s, Glocks, S&W, Springfield, Colt, M&P, Keltec, Sig and the new Remington RM380.

  3. Russell Ponziani

    I’m left handed and all jeans come with a built in mag carrier. I usually carry an XDs 3.3 or a Sig P938. The spare mag fits perfectly in the little front pocket of blue jeans.

  4. Larrym

    I solved the problem of carrying a spare mag. I had the guys at descreet defense solutions build me an iwb holster with a built in mag holster. Works like a charm. I switch the gun to my weak hand after ejecting the mag. Then I access the new mag and off and shooting again.

  5. Texas Gunslinger

    Working as a LEO for many years and being required to carry off duty 24/7 made for some rather inventive ways to carry spare mags. I used to carry one spare mag in the light weight jacket that enabled me to sweep the jacket back quicker to access my weapon. I had fabricated a single mag holder to sit horizontally on my left side on the belt. Even under a T-shirt, it was not noticeable to the untrained eye.

    Now many manufacturers make single mag holders so that takes care of that
    issue. Just make sure it stays snug in the holder.

  6. Donald Owen

    For pocket carry I own several Snagmag pocket holsters for my different guns. They look like a pocket knife clip outside the pocket but hold your spare mag vertical for quick access. Draw time is nearly as fast as belt carry.

  7. Misanthrope

    Unrealistic. Everyday people would not be in a need to reload faster situation only LEO’s would. IMO

  8. salamander2

    i don’t often wear pants with extra pockets–just old fashioned denim blue jeans. that means any reload is probably tucked in a pocket with other stuff. i’d like to see more videos with blue jeans rather than tactical pants.

  9. Kevin Poer

    Good video, but that is always expected from Rob. I wear jeans most of the time & carry a spare mag w/ a flashlight in the left rear pocket. It will usually ride upright, but would love a nylon carrier for both that would stay out of view… issue most of the time is that I run out of pockets for cell phone, wallet, keys, etc. I already have given up carrying my leatherman, because it’s in the way. I’m right handed, 4 o’clock in a Crossbreed Supertuck. Appendix just isn’t comfortable.

  10. Ozark Jack

    Magholder makes a horizontal magazine holder for the belt. It does not take up much space and hides under a shirt tail very well. Check them out at

    I use one all most daily and nobody even notices it.

    • Old Yeller

      I agree. I’ve been carrying a spare mag in a horizontal mag holder for years now. Barely noticeable and extremely accessible.

  11. LarryEArnold

    I’ve also noticed that a magazine carried in a pants pocket can quickly wear a hole in the pocket.
    Too bad there isn’t a pocket holster for magazines. Hint.

    • Rick_in_VA

      Mags will also pick up “stuff” in the pocket. Not something you need if you really need those extra rounds in a hurry.
      I have read about pocket mag holders in the past, but don’t have any current info. I’m still looking.

      • Aaron

        Check out snag mag, might be a solution but I do not have experience with them.

      • OngoingFreedom

        Ditto. I use two single pouches: one for a spare 15 rd mag for my Glock 23, and one for my Surefire flashlight in the other pocket.

    • Curtis Jensen

      I use the “SnagMag” ( It holds the clip in a known location that I can regularly practice with.BTW – I get no consideration or repayment from this company. I just like the product.

  12. Nice Lady

    As a female who carries a revolver, this is a timely video. I hate fiddling with clothes anyway, but to add the concern of concealment and convenience (safety) is really stressing my limited fashion acumen. Rob, we women need a bit o’ help here.

    One of the most important messages you give us with your videos is how crucial it is to practice. Thank you.

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