Rob Pincus

CMC Signature Flat Drop-In Handgun Trigger

Rob Pincus
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Duration:   2  mins

Although he’s not a fan of replacing a stock handgun trigger, Rob Pincus test fires a pistol with a CMC Triggers Signature Flat Drop-In Trigger. How does it feel and how does it shoot in the pistol with an Alpha Foxtrot Glock Frame? Rob gives his feedback.


This is the first handgun trigger that CMC Triggers has done for the Glock. It has their “Signature Flat,” a little shelf on the bottom of the trigger. It’s the kind of trigger more often seen in a rifle as opposed to a pistol, especially a defensive pistol.

Rob explains that he does not usually replace the trigger on a stock pistol, especially one he’s going to be carrying for defensive use. He likes keeping that factory. But this is an Alpha Foxtrot build pistol, an aluminum frame Glock style frame (for more information on this, check out PDN’s Alpha Foxtrot Glock Frame video) and it takes all the Glock components, so Rob figured it was a good opportunity to check out the CMC Trigger.


Rob knows CMC Triggers and that they’re great in their rifle applications, but he wanted to check it out in a pistol application. It’s a drop-in piece and is supposed to lighten the weight of the trigger by about a pound, taking it down to about 4.5 pounds from the stock.

Rob demonstrates the takeup to the first shot. The takeup is relatively heavy, and then it breaks just like it should. Rob likes the fact that it’s not nothing and then a wall. Relatively heavy takeup is good for a defensive gun, where trigger control is so important.

As for the reset, it’s very crisp and defined, then a short reset for the follow-up shot. Rob likes this too.


How does this CMC drop-in handgun trigger shoot? Rob takes several live-fire shots from about five to seven yards on a Balance of Speed and Precision Target. Despite some wind, the accuracy is good for defensive use.

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