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Dry-Fire Training with the SIRT STIC

Rob Pincus
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Duration:   2  mins

Finally there is a solution to dry-fire training with long guns: introducing the SIRT STIC from Next Level Training. In an environment where you can’t do live-fire training and you want to practice your defensive long-gun skills based on an AR-platform rifle, the SIRT STIC is the answer. It is a training stock.


Next Level Training has been trying to solve this dry-fire training with long guns problem for a long time. They’ve been trying to find a way to utilize the same technology used in the SIRT Training Pistol in an AR platform so that shooters can do their rifle training and practice even when they can’t get to a live-fire range.

The Next Level Training SIRT STIC works by putting your SIRT Pistol into the SIRT STIC. Now you have laser-supported training in an AR platform. It has an adjustable stock and a magazine well that accepts actual AR magazines. It has rail sections and will accept any type of red-dot sight or other optic that you have on your AR-type rifle.

The SIRT STIC has a functional safety that works just like an AR safety lever. When you’re going from the ready position and you bring the gun up to the shooting position, you take the safety off the SIRT STIC just like you do with your actual rifle.


You can put a comb on the SIRT STIC to reflect the shape of the comb on your rifle. You can also add a sling. Any accessory you have on your AR will fit on the SIRT STIC.

Next Level Training has solved the dry-fire training problem for long-gun self-defense weapons by using the SIRT pistol. That’s the expensive part, then you add the SIRT STIC and you’re ready to go with your accessories added to it.

Another option is to buy two sets of accessories and then you’ll have a dry-fire environment training rifle setup to support your use of the live-fire rifle you’re actually going to use for home and family defense.

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