Rob Pincus

Home Defense Tactics: Fundamentals of Home Defense

Rob Pincus
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Duration:   6  mins

Rob Pincus discusses the Five Fundamentals of Home Defense tactics: Evade, Barricade, Arm, Communicate, Respond. Thinking ahead of time about these five steps will empower you to respond more efficiently if you ever do have a threat inside your home, or trying to get into your home. Rob goes over each concept and gives examples of how you can employ them during an imminent home invasion scenario.

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13 Responses to “Home Defense Tactics: Fundamentals of Home Defense”

  1. Mk

    Nonsense! If that "bad guy" kicks in my door or comes into my house uninvited and against my will, I will order him to leave, if he does not...I shoot! I won't mess around with risking my families lives!

  2. Steven

    Mostly a great and sensible plan. However I have a big problem telling folks that it is a good idea to use the children's room as the barricade space and then telling people that is where they should keep a gun. Even locked in a gun safe, I personally have an issue with keeping said safe in a kids room where curious kids can do whatever to gain access. I don't think the children should be aware of where you keep your gun locked and kept. And an old cell phone left plugged in inside a children is also an invitation for them to have something to play with.

  3. james tryon

    I am a disabled vet and retired police officer. I question the advise on home protection where you say to evade a break-in by running out to the neighbors. in all of my teachings on self defense I never advise to leave your own home. I teach to defend and overcome a break-in never to retreat as you are in your last stand by being in the one and only place you do not retreat or run from.

  4. kEVIN

    have your defensive weapon in your barricade room? You talk about it being in your kids room. Maybe you could have addressed this better. Not a good idea to have your loaded gun in your kids room. Sounded kind of dumb. Also, if you tell an intruder who is inside your house pounding on the door to your bedroom you have a gun, he is likely to start shooting through the door at you if he has one as well. Once the perp is in your home he has made the choice and talking him out of it is unlikely and dangeroud IMO. This guy has some good ideas, but I think he isn't as smart as he thinks he is, like most 'trainers'. I did however, think the idea of having an old cell phone in the room was an excellent idea.

  5. Monica

    Actually I do care what they want to take from my home, so I will not be running out the back. I will not be shouting out a warning either. If they come inside, I will shoot them.

  6. depserv

    Wherever your safe place you and your family retreat to is should have a way out the back, in case you can't stop the bad guy, or in case he sets your house on fire. Getting out is the best option, unless the bad guy might shoot you and your family while you're running away. Given the right circumstances the best defense might be a good offense, which means taking the initiative. Don't walk into an ambush though; let the bad guy walk into an ambush you set.

  7. Bigmike

    Graystone hit the nail on the head, and no matter how much a bada*s you think you are sooner or later taking a life, even justified, will affect you. But you do it if you have to. this is great common sense training in reality. thank you, Mr. Pincus. You are one of the best.

  8. Dennis

    Thanks for a well thought out and systematic plan to home defense. You can always count on Rob for an efficient, effective and common sense approach regarding personal defense issues. Thank you Mr. Pincus.

  9. Phil

    New member here and im very happy with the site and knowledge given. Our home was a target not long ago and even though there was no entry by the suspect and my family was safe, i was told by the 6 brave, professional Officers on scene that i did everything right it is still reassuring that one of your videos talked about defending the home and i did follow those steps. At the time i praised my CPL Instructor and i believe because of the training i went through i was sure of myself and focused which afterwards when the entire event was over i really reflected upon and was a little surprised. I remember having a good cover area, one where i could see both entry points. I recall yelling out my commands while holding my firearm and i wasnt shaking or mumbling again i praise my instructor. In all honesty next to the fine Ingham and Eaton County Police Officers who got to my house amazingly fast i have to say that our 160lb Mastiff did a phenomenal job protecting us. Ol Bella was door to door almost following the unwanted guest. It seemed as though she knew where this person was at all times, where she would go a motion light outside would turn on, just an amazing job by our fury family member! With your site here im impressed with the quality of videos posted and the knowledge, steps and advice you give. I wish i would have discovered you sooner! In todays world you just never know what may happen but with your help i feel that ill be much wiser and efficient when it comes to protecting my family, Thank you very much!! Take care of yourself, love your families and be safe everyone!!

  10. Graystone

    GREAT advice. Avoid, the time in court - the money to defend yourself. Castle doctrine or not you will appear as a defendant. You may walk out justified, but you will still bear the expense of time and money - BUT most importantly the burden of having taken a life.

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