Holosun Red Dot Sight

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Duration: 2:34

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A Holosun red dot sight is now sitting on Rob Pincus’ primary home-defense rifle. He believes it would do a great job in any situation he would need it to. Here’s how the Holosun proved itself.

Rob first tried the Holosun red dot sight during the 2017 PDN Training Tour. He put it on a demo gun and gave it to a couple dozen students to try during the tour, over four months and in different environmental conditions including rain and heat.

Hard Use, Not Abuse

The Holosun red dot sight got banged around riding in the tour truck for months and being run hard by many different shooters. And as the video shows, it’s got quite a few dings. But it’s still running without any problems.

Rob does not believe in pointless abuse of gear, so the Holosun red dot sight was not thrown out of a helicopter or dragged through mud behind an ATV. What the Holosun red dot sight did endure was being run hard in the context it should be expected to function in: long hours of training and still being at the ready for personal or home defense.

Sight and Mounts

The Holosun red dot sight did a great job, and even more impressive is its price point: Rob paid under $200. He got two mounts for it: a flat mount that could go on an AK, and a riser mount that lets the Holosun work with the front sight to give an improvised rear ghost ring sight. Quick-release mounts are also available from Holosun.

This Holosun model is a micro. It has push-button adjustment for brightness. The battery can be changed without removing the mount.

A red dot sight is one of the most useful rifle accessories. If you need to outfit your rifle with an optic, or especially if you need to outfit more than one rifle, Holosun has many affordable options.