Rob Pincus

How to Use Expandable Batons for Self-Defense

Rob Pincus
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Duration:   4  mins
Because of its versatility and portability, a lightweight expandable baton may be a great intermediate-level defensive tool for you to have in a public environment (if legal), in your workplace, or in your home for an unexpected self-defense situation.

Similar Weapons

If you’re looking for self-defense gear, the expandable baton demonstrated in this video is a very compact and lightweight model. You may have seen police officers with much larger and heavier expandable batons, or you may compare this to the billy club or night stick defensive tools, or the Eskrima stick used by martial artists. This is a similar tool, just lighter, not as strong, heavy, or potent. But employed properly, it can still pack a wallop.

Versatile Carry Options

The advantage of a lightweight expandable baton is that it can be carried virtually anywhere. You can hook it on a front pocket, cargo pocket, or back pocket, or somewhere center line, inside your waistline, where it will be completely concealed by an untucked shirt and can be reached by either hand.

Lethal Force Considerations

Keep in mind that, compared to other self-defense weapons, the expandable baton is considered an intermediate-level force tool. However, it can deliver lethal blows to the head or throat with a hard enough strike. Most instructors teach students to strike areas that are not going to be lethal: the major muscle groups at the top of the arms, hands if an attacker is reaching toward you, leg strikes to disable an attacker even temporarily, allowing you to create distance and escape.

Employing the Expandable Baton

A quick, snappy motion is needed to expand the baton, and for that you need some space. Space also lets you use a variety of striking motions with the baton, several of which are demonstrated in this video.

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4 Responses to “How to Use Expandable Batons for Self-Defense”

  1. muddog15

    I'm carrying this same baton , I have some training with a baton. But where can I get more. Does Mr. Pincus have a longer video , I am a member of PDN.

  2. Ryan

    If you were to have a Baton for an edc use outside of law enforcement, what length is the most comfortable? What length is the Baton in this video?

  3. rick kates

    The baton in this video, does it have a clip on it and where purchased please.

  4. Kevin

    I looked up the law and batons are illegal in most states:

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