Rob Pincus

Lateral Movement Defense

Rob Pincus
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Duration:   4  mins

Rob Pincus talks about and shows how to take advantage of the delay between recognition of a threat and the ability to address that threat through lateral movements.

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7 Responses to “Lateral Movement Defense”

  1. Kyle

    off-line right or off-line left are range restrictions, these represent the FIRST step to cover and nothing more.  Too many instructors believe and teach these to be end all movements; which they are not. The old " bad guys" have no training and a simple off line movement will save you is misinformation and not something you should bet your life on,in a real gun fight you will continue to move to the nearest cover! Instructors need to recognize the drill for what it is and ensure they understand and explain to their students that it is only the first step to cover.

  2. Abum

    What I like about this is that it incorporates movement into the draw and fire practice. When being attacked it is normal to crouch and move to cover. This drill would ingrain drawing and aiming into what you would most likely be doing without thinking. I know this was not the intent of the drill but I think it's another reason to do it.

  3. wushaw

    Great video, we train using airsoft (blow back semi-auto) pistols to get the mechanics down without wasting a lot of money on ammo at our martial arts gym (Israeli system) , then we'll go to someone's land and use the same mechanics with live rounds... firing while moving is not natural for anyone, so it is real important to practice these movements (fight like you train)

  4. GunterWistenbrokker

    USEFUL! It's this sort of training that gives us an edge.

  5. lawman

    It's obvious that the instructer knows his objective, however, to stand in front of a firing line with each students gun loaded at a low ready is beyond common sense!

  6. Paul Furlong

    I teach defensive pistolcraft in Costa Rica.  These videos are very helpful.  Thanks, Paul Furlong,

  7. A737

    It's important to remember: Most criminal elements have zero training. They have a gun and bad intent. How many videos have we seen where the "bad boys" turn into the Keystone Cops running into each other as they run out the door? You as an armed citizen can take control of the situation by doing something they do not expect, and this is a prime example. Be a survivor, not a statistic. Start training like you will fight and you will recall that training when the fight comes to you. Great video!

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