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Mission First Tactical Holsters

Rob Pincus
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Known for their AR accessories, Mission First Tactical has expanded their line into Kydex outside-the-waistband (OWB) and inside-the-waistband (IWB) holsters. With 33 models of OWB holsters and 34 IWB, Mission First Tactical holsters are available for today’s most popular carry guns.

Training Holsters

Mission First Tactical Holsters are high quality, well designed, well thought-out, and ergonomic. OWB models come with a 1.75-inch belt clip that is adjustable up to a 15-degree cant, though you can also have a straight drop.

This makes a great holster for use during handgun training courses. Even if you carry IWB, having an OWB holster mounted in the same place when you’re out on the range gives you all the same movements of the hand, lets you train very efficiently, and then safely come back without having to worry about going under your concealment garment or getting inside the waistband, especially when it comes to subcompact handgun carry and carrying in front of your body in centerline or appendix carry.

When training using gun holsters, you can train from outside the waistband even in the appendix carry position and still get all the value, same range of motion, and reholster much more safely and efficiently.

But What About 1-to-1 Training?

Range training does not have to be exactly one-to-one, though of course the closer you can get, the better. Don’t carry centerline but train and practice from the hip — that doesn’t make sense. Make sure you’re setting up your tactical holsters to match the way you’re going to carry, but don’t think that because you carry IWB you need to train IWB, especially if you’re a new shooter.

If you have to tuck and untuck a shirt in order to draw the gun and reholster, this is obviously going to reduce the number of reps you can get — and you want to make the most of your training time.

Learn more about Mission First Tactical Holsters and their applications for training and everyday carry.

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