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Shooting Drills: Recognition of Condition Drill

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Recognition is an important part of processing information. Sometimes people confuse processing and analyzing, which is cognitive thought, when we stop and focus on the incoming information and try to make a decision, then we proceed to have a response.

Processing can be much simpler. It can just be recognition. This handgun training drill deals with tactile recognition of the condition of a gun. The drill uses a gun the shooter is very familiar with, has trained and practiced with, and knows how to run.

Tactile Recognition

This drill involves recognizing the condition of the gun simply based on feel, then getting the gun into action and being ready to fight with it. A training partner takes the gun, one or two magazines and a case designed to hold a handgun, and sets up a couple of potential conditions. The gun could be unloaded and locked open. There could be two magazines, one that has rounds in it and one that does not. The gun could be loaded with a full magazine, round chambered, and the gun is completely ready to go. There are many possibilities, and many reasons why the gun could be in any of these conditions during a self-defense scenario.

Visual Recognition

The Condition of the Gun drill is based on recognition. If you can do it by feel, great. If you can’t do that yet, start off by looking into the case and seeing what’s there. Work toward being able to do it by feel.

Range Demonstration

The drill is shown with the gun and magazines in the case. The shooter keeps his head up while recognizing what condition they are in, then does the correct actions to get the gun ready and fires a few shots on target. Integrate this drill into your gun shooting drills!

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