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Sight Alignment & Sight Picture for Defensive Shooting

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In this video, Rob Pincus thoroughly reviews the concepts of Sight Alignment and Sight Picture. While the basic concepts are very simple, fine tuning the application of those concepts will allow you to get the most out of your ability to control deviation and put your rounds exactly where you want them as efficiently as possible. When it comes to defensive shooting, it is especially important that you are using your sights efficiently, which will mean closing one eye. Because of the way our eyes work and how light travels, if you try to use your sights with both eyes open on any target that requires a significant amount of deviation control, you will create a “ghost image” of the target. Closing an eye is an efficient way to deal with this issue and your sights during defensive shooting.

Tags: defensive shooting, Deviation Control, Rob Pincus, Shooting Skills, Sight alignment, sight impacting shooting, sight picture