Rob Pincus

The Myth of Situational Awareness: Braille Menus

Rob Pincus
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Duration:   3  mins

With participation from a live audience, Rob Pincus demonstrates the difference between general readiness and true anticipation of what you’re about to do and how that applies to personal defense. Rob believes many peoples’ ideas about situational awareness are flawed and we need to approach it more realistically. Learn more from Rob’s presentation.

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3 Responses to “The Myth of Situational Awareness: Braille Menus”

  1. Hugh Simpson

    That is why we are going to start teaching another LEVEL of Situational Awareness that Native Amaeicans KNEW by INSTINCT! We have lost this level!

  2. Tom smith

    On some level you correct. You also mistake situational awareness for being condition orange or what ever the phrase of the day is. I have been using the philosophy of Be Prepared to kill everything you meet. Long before Gen. Madus made it famous with his "Be Polite Be Professional Be Prepared To Kill Everyone You Meet. I grew up it a hunting for survival family who were dirt poor. Situational awareness was a part of having food on the table. It wasn't that far to move that awareness to people as society got more dangerous. For me it has become second nature. I do it without thinking about it. I know not everyone has this ability or desire but it is who I am. I.m not violent and have never shot anyone but make no mistake if the need be I will do so without a second thought.

  3. whitecobra

    Bob you are BRILLIANT!!!!!! Love the presentations from NRA!!!! Dr D

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