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Part 1. Active Shooter is Present: Use a Vehicle as Rest

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One of the standard rules of fighting around a vehicle with an active shooter is to never go over the top of cover, because you can be struck by incoming low-impacting rounds that may ricochet off the trunk or glass. But under what circumstances is it appropriate to come out from behind that cover and use the trunk lid or hood of a vehicle as a rest against an active shooter? Rob Pincus explains and demonstrates proper form for shooting off of a vehicle’s flat surfaces when there is an active shooter present. Defend yourself against an active shooter by using a vehicle as rest.


Part 1. Active Shooter Is Present: Use A Vehicle As Rest
Part 2. Shooting In A Crowd: Responding To An Active Shooter
Part 3. Shooting From The Ground
Part 4. Presentation And Shooting From A Seated Position
Part 5. Presenting and Shooting From A Chair in 360 Degrees

Tags: active shooter, Barricade, Cover and concealment, Premium Videos, Rob Pincus, Shooting from a vehicle, Vehicle as cover