Accessorizing AR-15 Type Rifles

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Duration: 2:44

AR-15 type rifles are known for their ability to be accessorized. The Ballista Nautilus Rotating Rail allows you to change the position of any of your rail-mounted accessories in 45-degree increments. If you put an accessory on the bottom of a rail and you need it to be on the side, with the Ballista you can easily change that position. Made of high-grade aircraft aluminum, the Ballista NRR is well-made, durable and light. It can be a benefit in many different scenarios in both the competition/sporting world and the tactical/home defense environment.

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6 Responses to “Accessorizing AR-15 Type Rifles”

  1. Matt

    Interesting idea. Would this add much weight or prohibit many devices from being mounted that are longer?

    • Tom

      Great info but unprofessional video ……black gun in front of a black clad spokesman . If you mute the audio it’s difficult to pick out the subject of the footage.

  2. Rob Pincus

    Matt, it is heavier than many other rails, but shouldn’t prevent the use of any specific accessory. Ballista also just released a second design which is lighter and only has ONE section that runs the full length of the fore-end.

  3. BillMine

    Rob, you should have worn light clothing when doing demo with a black AR. Hard to see detail.