Rob Pincus

Active Shooter Response Plan: Public Space Evasion

Rob Pincus
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Duration:   3  mins

Evasion is the first active shooter response plan to consider when in a public space where there is an active shooter. In some cases, this will be as simple as running away or getting in the car and driving away. Other situations will require more creativity in order to evade the shooter. PDN presents some ideas for getting yourself and your family members out of the line of sight of an active shooter.

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6 Responses to “Active Shooter Response Plan: Public Space Evasion”

  1. Paul Butcher

    Extremely disappointed to see your video begin with an ad for Kevin Deleon's senate campaign. Everyone in California knows he is the ultimate enemy of the 2nd amendment who does not believe civilians should be able to own firearms, much less carry them.

  2. Stan

    if you had a clear shot ,without hitting any innocents, wouldn't you try to stop the active shooter ?

  3. Art Frewin

    i am old and single. in my life i have intervened in situations without guns even if it was a stranger, just because it was not fair or right. i guess i saw to many good guy bad guy films. because of that, i have ended at times with a severe concousion. i would probably have to help but try to do it in as smart of a way as possible. by the time the police get there, there would probably be a whole lot of dead people. i would have to try and stop him or her.

  4. RobertL

    Howard makes a good point about helping others but my guess is that he doesn't live in "The People Republic of California" and especially in LA or San Francisco. The legal ramifications of a citizen shooting can be severe. Even if justified, as in the example he sites there is a danger of collateral damage and the fact that long and very expensive legal problems will result of even a well intentioned action. One needs to really consider the huge expense and liability of getting involved when you, or your loved ones, are not directly in peril. Another question is the risk to you worth taking action? Any gun fight is very dangerous to you as the "protector". Is whatever you want to protect worth dying for? If it not worth dying for it's not worth killing for.

  5. Howard Hochman

    I am licensed to carry & am capable of defending myself. If I am somewhere and there is a spree shooting, I'd get my wife to safety, but could not evade the situation when I might be able to save someone's life. If this situation occurred and more people were killed because I didn't respond, I'm sure that I'd live with a lot of guilt.

  6. SK

    Always enjoy your videos, just a newbie trying to learn. Agreed, get away if possible, call authorities, let the trained experts handle it. But if you have a concealed carry permit and pistol in possession, and the shooter does great harm to others (strangers, non-family), how do you deal with the questions and remorse you will have for the rest of your life?

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