Benchmade Follow-Up

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Duration: 2:40

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The newest Benchmade fixed-blade knife is the Follow-Up. It’s a short-bladed but large-handled defensive knife. Though it can be used as a utility knife, the first thing Rob Pincus considers when looking at an everyday carry knife is, can it be used for knife defense?


When it comes to defensive knives, Rob likes two things: He likes slim and he likes a large handle, in fact he likes the handle to be larger than the blade itself. He wants all the leverage and control for close quarters, and a long enough blade to do some damage.

Because of the large grip area of its skeletonized stainless-steel handle, the Benchmade fixed-blade Follow-Up is very controllable. The Follow-Up is also durable and easy to carry due to its compact size and light weight.


If you’re not a slim fan like Rob, you can beef up the Benchmade fixed-blade Follow-Up by wrapping paracord around the handle. Two indentations at the end of the handle facilitate this.

The Benchmade Follow-Up comes with a plastic sheath that can be woven into MOLLE or attached to gear with paracord, and is very easy to carry in a pocket, similar to a pocket holster for a handgun. The blade can be pulled from a front pants pocket without removing the sheath, and the knife is ready to employ for self-defense.

The Follow-Up’s plastic sheath can also be attached to a lanyard and carried centerline, where it’s unobtrusive and easy to deploy. And Benchmade encourages use of the Follow-Up as a neck knife.


Benchmade is well-known for making some of the best-quality knives in the business. The Benchmade fixed-blade Follow-Up is made of S30V steel. The blade edge is plain, not serrated, the finish is coated, and the blade type is drop-point. Retail price is $115.00.