Figure-8 Drill

Duration: 4:58

Rob Pincus demonstrates how to use a Figure-8 drill to practice shooting in a 360-degree environment without leaving a square range with a safe designated shooting area. A Personal Defense Network (PDN) original video.

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3 Responses to “Figure-8 Drill”

  1. Guest

    wonder if the figure 8 could be done with multiple targets at various side arm distances and multiple barrels (space permitting… Like outdoors) for more variation.

  2. Erick Tamberg
    Erick Tamberg

    The drill shown in this video is a variation of Moore System created by Sérgio Colò Moore (Italian partisan in WW2 and former Carabinieri) in Brazil. But, in the Moore system, the targets are in the front of 8-figure, not sideways. When running the circle nearer the target, one-hand instinctive shooting was used, and two-handed grip, aimed fire, in the farthest circle.