Rob Pincus

Oversized Magazine Release

Rob Pincus
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Duration:   10  mins

PDN is at the workbench with three different models of handguns to examine their magazine releases. Of all the modifications you can make to your defensive firearm, an oversized magazine release is one of the most useful. Making the release larger will almost always make it easier for you to hit it, especially under stress.

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One Response to “Oversized Magazine Release”

  1. Norman Morris

    I'm sorry, but the two most dangerous mods you can make to a pistol that is to be used defensively is an oversized mag release and/or extended slide stop. There's no way you want to accidentally hit that extended button while handling the pistol. This is what we used to call a "rooney" mod on the 1911 platform. It's not needed if you practice regularly, and is potentially dangerous. If I added one it would be to a range toy only.

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