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TruckVault Secure Vehicle Storage

Rob Pincus
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The TruckVault storage system is the most high-end secure vehicle storage. It is incredibly well made, easy to install, and can be ordered to fit the dimensions of your vehicle and your specific needs.


Select one drawer, two drawers, or two drawers offset for your TruckVault. Vertical and horizontal dividers let you set up each drawer as you prefer. Four LED lighting units can be placed in various locations in the drawers. Choose standard height drawer(s) or magnum height, which holds scoped rifles and other tall items. Several lock options are available depending on the level of security you require. The TruckVault in the PDN Training Tour Truck has a pushbutton combination lock with key override. This unit also contains a sturdy accessory table under the drawers. View other options at


The four-step installation process is surprisingly easy and secures the TruckVault unit to the vehicle, so it’s not possible to pick up the unit and remove it. The units weigh from about 160 to 300 pounds.

With solid steel construction, this is secure storage. For storing firearms in a vehicle, TruckVault is the solution and can be considered one of your self-defense accessories.

Work Station

TruckVault does this right: the work table is underneath the drawers, is pulled out to use, and locks in the open position. It is always clear and ready to work on, unlike work surfaces on top of the drawers, which easily become cluttered. It holds a lot of weight and is stable and sturdy.

Setting Up the Drawers

The Tour Truck has one drawer setup for quick response, with rifle, handgun, body armor, spare magazines, med kit, and more. The other drawer has range gear, including gun-cleaning kits, ear pro, tools, and spare parts.

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