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I.C.E. Claw Belt Gen 2

Rob Pincus
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Duration:   2  mins

The I.C.E. CLAW Belt Gen 2 is an evolutionary step up from the original CLAW Belt. We take a look at how it works, how it’s improved, and what makes it a useful and low-profile tactical belt.

CLAW Belt Gen 1

The original CLAW tactical belt was somewhat stiff and the belt had to be fed through the G hook. Improvements were made and now the Gen 2 is available.

CLAW Belt Gen 2

With this new model of tactical belt, the CLAW just needs to be loosened and the G hook can be quickly and easily detached. The Gen 2 offers the vertical stability of the Gen 1 model and flexibility of fit around the waist so the user has a comfortable belt that still supports all of his gear.

With its available colors of black, gray and tan, the CLAW Belt Gen 2 doesn’t look like a tactical belt. Though it is a piece of self-defense gear, it’s also a belt that anybody can wear to do any activities — it doesn’t scream “tactical.” Wearers will fit in — and find it comfortable — using it for sports or outdoor activities.

Two Loops

One of the big evolutions for the Gen 2 tactical belt is that it has two loops. The CLAW Belt is no longer one size. It accommodates inside-the-waistband or outside-the-waistband carry, or no carry. The two loops offer an adjustment of an inch or two, and a Velcro strip secures it.

The I.C.E. CLAW Belt Gen 2 is available for purchase on the I.C.E. Training store.

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3 Responses to “I.C.E. Claw Belt Gen 2”

  1. BILL

    Does anyone know if these belts are discontinued or can we get them somewhere. I have 2 Gen 1 belts and want the GEN 2 belt but they disappeared before there were even available it seems.

  2. Brian

    I keep checking the website but this belt is nowhere to be found.

  3. Dave Wemmie

    I was interested but neither version 1 or 2 are available on your website. Searching comes up empty too.

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