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Magpul 40 Round PMAG

Rob Pincus
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Everyone in the training industry knows Magpul and the fine accessories they make for ARs and shotguns. Magpul is best known for making the definitive modern AR-15 magazine, the PMAG. This video examines the 40 round PMAG.

Magpul PMAGs come in several different configurations, including with or without windows, and there have been a few generations of them. Generally PMAGs have been standard capacity (30 rounds) as part of people’s self-defense gear and professional uses, though smaller-capacity PMAGs exist for applications like hunting.

Higher-Capacity Magazines

The problem with high-capacity magazines in the past was they had reliability issues. Several different manufacturers made many different types but none were reliable enough to depend on in a defensive encounter. Until the Magpul 40 round PMAG.

40-Round PMAG

The 40 round PMAG Rob Pincus shows in this video has been used by him and students in his classes and has thousands of rounds through it, all of them trouble-free. Rob doesn’t recommend any product unless he and preferably several students have used it over a period of months. The Magpul 40-round PMAG performed flawlessly.

Because this PMAG holds 40 rounds, when inserted into the AR-15, it sticks out a couple of inches farther than a standard-capacity mag. Rob doesn’t feel this is an issue. Some people say the extra length makes it difficult to go prone with the 40-round PMAG, but prone is not a position anyone is likely to go into during a home-defense situation.

30 Percent More Rounds

The key point with the 40-round PMAG is that when you’re in any kind of situation where you are not carrying extra magazines on your body and you’re just grabbing the rifle — such as home defense — increasing your magazine capacity by 30% is pretty impressive.

It’s reliable, it’s from Magpul — consider the 40-round PMAG as part of your self-defense tools and accessories.

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One Response to “Magpul 40 Round PMAG”

  1. Matthew

    That is fantastic, thanks for sharing. Have you run into any issues with state laws regarding magazine capacity?

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