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Mission First Tactical Minimalist Holster

Rob Pincus
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PDN members probably know Mission First Tactical from their numerous high-quality firearms accessories, including rifle stocks, grips, rail systems, magazines, sights, and more. Now Mission First Tactical has entered the firearm holster business very seriously, particularly with minimalist, inside-the-waistband models.

IWB Model

Mission First’s impressive line of holsters includes inside-the-waistband models such as the one shown here (for a Glock 43), which has a belt clip and is set up to cover the trigger guard of the handgun. It is larger than the typical minimalist holster and includes some features not found on most minimalist holsters. It has a wing that puts backpressure against the inside of the belt for the appendix carry position. This means it will tuck even full-size grips.

The rugged belt clip is a clip, not a loop, but it covers 360 degrees and has an aggressive J-hook that keeps the holster stable. The belt clip is ambidextrous, and a hole at the bottom of the holster is for attaching a lanyard. When using gun holsters, you don’t want to compromise on safety. This is the best-designed trigger guard-type holster we have seen, unlike some others that can pose a safety hazard to the wearer.

Summing Up

Mission First holsters are rugged, well-designed, and come from a company with a great reputation for firearm accessories.

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One Response to “Mission First Tactical Minimalist Holster”

  1. Lynn Frey

    What is the item number of the holster you are reviewing? Mission don't show it on the web site.

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