Responding to a Threat as a Passenger in a Vehicle

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Duration:   4  mins

Rob Pincus demonstrates how a passenger in a vehicle can react to a threat using a firearm and help to defend both himself and the driver. He also demonstrates how to move his body within the vehicle in order to engage a threat at very position around the vehicle. A Personal Defense Network (PDN) original video.

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3 Responses to “Responding to a Threat as a Passenger in a Vehicle”

  1. Bruce Bean

    Once again showing how important it is to train shooting one-handed. I don’t believe it is stressed enough, maybe because instructors don’t acknowledge the concept of “good enough ” shot placement vs tight groups (targets to brag about to the student’s friends).

  2. Todd

    Concerned about covering with the muzzle. Why not point the muzzle vertically toward the roof as you position to engage a threat. Every instance shown in the video you covered someone as you changed position. This would not be the case if the muzzle were pointed up and then rotated down to the threat.

    • Customer Service

      Hi Todd. If you re-watch the video carefully you will see that neither person was ever muzzled during the demonstration. The temple index you are suggesting isn’t necessary to avoid muzzling yourself or someone else in the vehicle. Moving from the temple index position into an extended shooting position is not consistent with how you typically present the gun. So many training repetitions would be required for a technique that isn’t necessary, has a very narrow set of circumstances where it would be applied, and it takes away from repetitions of techniques that are much more likely to be needed.

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