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Safety Solutions Academy Plan B Extended Magazine Sleeve

Rob Pincus
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The Safety Solutions Academy Plan B Mark 2 Extended Magazine Sleeve is an improved version of the extended magazine sleeve, making it a viable addition to your self-defense gear. How does it work?

Lots of companies have made guns with magazines that fit flush as well as magazines that fit either larger guns or, in the case of the Smith & Wesson M&P Shield magazine, are specifically designed as extended magazines to increase the grip length and overall capacity of the firearm.

Issues with Extended Magazine Sleeves

One problem with extended magazine sleeves is that they turn the magazine base into part of your grip, meaning the magazine won’t drop free easily or at all, because it’s impinging on the back of your grip hand.

Another problem is you can pinch your hand up against the mag well between the sleeve and the mag well, meaning your magazine won’t seat properly when doing a reload. Some guns and mags, like the M&P Shield magazine, can then become prone to failures.

These traditional extended magazine sleeves cause problems and we advise shooters to take them off.

Safety Solutions Academy Plan B Mark 2

Paul Carlson designed the Plan B Mark 2 to be a better extended magazine sleeve by creating a good stand-off between the actual base of the magazine and the base of the mag well so you won’t get the damage to the gun or the malfunctions that come from over-insertion.

Another advantage of the Plan B Mark 2 is that the back end of the magazine base pad doesn’t have as much substance, so it is unlikely to have any problems when you’re inserting the magazine. Especially if you carry an M&P Shield and use the M&P Shield magazine, the Plan B Mark 2 makes a good addition to your self-defense tools and accessories.

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