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Taran Tactical Magazine Extensions

Rob Pincus
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Taran Butler is one of the most accomplished 3-Gun shooters in the country and is also well known as a shooting instructor to celebrities. But more importantly, he designed the Taran Tactical Magazine Extension. This is a very reliable magazine extension, not just for competition but also for personal protection or duty use

Rob Pincus and students have been using Taran Tactical Magazine Extensions in classes for over a year, so Rob feels confident in recommending them as self-defense gear because he knows that they work. He uses one regularly on his duty gun.

Advantages of the Taran Tactical Magazine Extension

When the magazine is inserted with the Taran Tactical Magazine Extension attached, the magazine extends far below the grip. What that means is you will get a far more positive insertion of the magazine because you’re not worried about going flush. There’s more standoff from the grip and from your hand.

Also, if you have a malfunction, the magazine extension gives you a lot of area to grasp and rip the magazine out under your hand and the magazine well.

As one of your self-defense tools and accessories, keep in mind that this extension makes the handgun larger and less concealable, so it’s more suited for a duty pistol or a backup magazine instead of being inserted in a concealed carry gun.

Evolving Use of the TTME

Taran makes this magazine extension for many different guns, including ARs and XDMs, CZs, SIGs, Glocks, and M&Ps. Taran has catered to the competition realm and that’s where this product has been the most popular, but more people are now using it for defensive applications.

The Taran Tactical Magazine Extension is easy to install, gives you more rounds in the magazine, and makes it easier to remove the magazine for a reload.

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