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Tactical Walls Picture

Rob Pincus
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Tactical Walls clandestine storage units are actually staging units for defensive guns: they’re not intended just for firearm storage but are designed to offer quick access to a defensive firearm when you need it most.

Tactical Walls Picture

To any observer, the Tactical Walls Picture is just a large framed painting. It doesn’t scream “gun safe” either to home invaders or decor-conscious family members. But inside, you can stage a surprising amount of self-defense tools. The model shown has two compartments that can hold a full-size defensive handgun, emergency medical kit, spare magazines and ammunition, flashlight, and extra cell phone for calling 911.

The model shown has two large trays, but you can customize to your personal preferences. The handgun attaches to the back of the tray by a heavy-duty magnet, which makes for fast access in a home-defense situation.

Locking and Opening

Opening is quick and easy via one of two methods: RFID technology or magnetic lock and key. An RFID key card just has to be placed on the Tactical Walls Picture frame and it deactivates the lock, the picture slides open and you can grab your firearm.

If you don’t like using RFID, you can order it with magnetic lock and key and choose a key card, key fob or key chain. This offers many staging options, as demonstrated in the video. Place the magnetic key in a book that’s kept near the Tactical Walls Picture and, when you need it, you can just place the book on the picture frame and it opens, revealing your firearm.

Home Decor

The Tactical Walls Picture seamlessly blends in with your home decoration. It’s perfect to place in a foyer or hallway, as well as in a bedroom and near or in the barricade area of your home.


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