Viridian Instant On Laser Technology

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Duration:   4:06   mins

Having an Instant On laser on a defensive handgun makes using a laser as an aiming device significantly more efficient. Traditionally, you need to perform an extra step to activate any laser technology, or ensure that your grip engages a switch. While it has always been an option to simply leave your laser on while holstered, the risk of running your batteries down and the fact that many holsters are open bottom precludes this from being a practical option. Viridian lights and lasers can be combined with holsters that have the Enhanced Combat Readiness (“ECR”) to give you Instant On usefulness without any of the negatives of simply leaving a laser on all the time while the gun is holstered. Laser Technology can be integrated into almost any holster and is already being offered by some of the leading companies in the industry.

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4 Responses to “Viridian Instant On Laser Technology”

  1. Drew

    I’m involved in a high level security so I like the idea of the Laser being able to get right on the target I think this is really good I would appreciate if you send me some more information thank you

  2. Curly

    Great Video…I am going to look into this for my self protection. I will go to the site and examin all that pertains to their products. If the experienced man in this clip carries this type holster…then I want one. I am older and lack the funds to buy here and there…thus wasting my money. Thank you for your time in educating us out here…great job, be safe. GJB

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