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FCU for Personal Defense

Rob Pincus
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Duration:   6  mins

The FCU is designed to be a personal-defense weapon. What’s unique about it is that the FCU itself isn’t actually a firearm. It’s designed to accept the fire control unit or chassis from a SIG P320. We examine how it works.


The trigger control group from the SIG P320, which is the registered controlled item as far as the ATF is concerned, lives inside the FCU. The slide, barrel and everything on the top half of the P320 is also inside the FCU.

You can attach accessories as you would to a short-barreled rifle, personal defense weapon, or carbine. The demo FCU has a stabilizing brace, which means you can attach it to your arm or hold it up against your body, though you can also hold it out and shoot it like a pistol. The brace is telescoping, making it a very compact weapon. It works with a P320 extended magazine.

The stabilizing brace gives you increased deviation control due to up to four points of contact between the FCU and the body. That plus the Trijicon aiming device mounted on the rail mean you can fire at a higher level of precision and more rapidly in a defensive shooting situation.

Test Firing and Disassembly

The results are impressive. It shoots well, quickly, and is reliable. The FCU is light and fast to bring into action. This is just an preliminary evaluation. We will continue testing it for long-term reliability and durability.

Disassembly is quick and easy. Up-close camera work shows how the inside of the FCU looks before and after the SIG P320 trigger control group is taken out.

Potential Applications

As a personal defense weapon, the FCU shoots accurately and could be considered for various situations including around a vehicle and as one of your home-defense weapons. It may also be a good choice for motorcycle officers, especially those already using a P320 as a duty gun, who need a compact weapon.

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