Immediate Casualty Care Pouch

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Duration: 2:02

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Immediate Casualty Care is an established company with years of experience behind it. Rob Pincus has used several of their products over the years. In this video, he reviews the Immediate Casualty Care Pouch.


Rob feels the Immediate Casualty Care Pouch is rather large for a personal-carry medical kit-type pouch, but it’s also very thin, which makes it versatile. It can be worn inside the waistband, as it has belt clips that go over the pants and/or belt but under the cover garment such as an untucked shirt or a hoodie.

Rob doesn’t personally carry this particular kit because he carries a medical kit on his ankle as part of his defensive gear. But he feels this pouch is a good choice for anyone who wants to carry their medical kit on their waist.


One positive about the large size of the Immediate Casualty Care Pouch is that it allows you to carry a lot of the different types of gear that you’re going to want. When it comes to emergency carry of medical equipment, Rob thinks about gunshot wounds and other serious trauma, so he definitely wants a tourniquet, a compression bandage, some kind of gauze impregnated with a hemostatic agent for packing a wound, and another very large compression bandage.

The size of this kit means you can have some redundancy in what you carry. You’ll have enough gear to treat multiple wounds.


Rob carries the Immediate Casualty Care Pouch in the map pocket at the back of the passenger’s-side seat in his truck. He can easily reach over and grab the pouch if he needs it.

This pouch is very sturdy and well made, plus the material is soft and won’t abrade your skin if you wear it IWB. It’s a well-thought-out piece of gear that Rob recommends.